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The Fanuc high-performance digital AC Spindle Drives are available in a broad range of sizes for use with GE Fanuc CNCs and Power Mate motion control systems.

Serial Communication Interface
Setup by parameters like digital servo drives; all parameters are entered and stored in the CNC
Regenerative braking for rapid deceleration with minimum heat generation
Fully electronic precision spindle orientation
Simple cabling - one cable makes the serial connection from the spindle amplifier to the CNC
A CNC display of spindle diagnostics - alarms, load, speed, and tuning
IEC rating and CE mark compliant
The GE Fanuc serial AC Spindle Drives, proven on hundreds of thousands of machines installed worldwide, offer the highest reliability and performance. They were specifically developed for machine tool applications.

The AC induction motor design features a precision balanced rotor for high speeds and low vibration as well as a unique cooling system which provides sustained high power outputs for high performance CNC machine tools.

The spindle control amplifier features the latest technologies in microprocessors and Integrated Power Modules (IPM) technology. They are packaged in compact power supply and amplifier modules. Advanced vector control and high level digital control techniques provide orientation, spindle contouring, and rigid tapping capability.

Specialized power circuitry virtually eliminates EMI noise emission.

Together the motor and amplifier offer a high performance solution for most applications.

The Alpha Series Spindle Drives are part of a family of drives that offer convenience, operating economy, and high performance. The Alpha Series Drive offers a space savings, weight reduction and energy savings over previous GE Fanuc designs. The Alpha design uses a common power supply to produce the DC power that feeds both servo and spindle amplifiers. This eliminates redundant power supply capacity.

The Alpha Series power supply is fully AC line regenerative thus avoiding discharge resistors, their heat and mounting expense. The excess electrical energy is pumped back into the power line, saving on energy cost and cooling. Also, because the heat sink for the power electronics is mounted through the wall of the electrical enclosure, the heat generated by the amp is not added to the enclosure. Alpha Spindle Amplifiers range in size from 2.2 kW to 90 kW.

The Alpha Series Spindle Motors have been designed to provide a wide constant power range. The hp rating remains constant from base speed to maximum speed. This produces faster acceleration and deceleration.

Air flow design provides better motor cooling. In addition, air direction can be changed in the field with a fan kit.

The AC Series Spindle Motors are direct mechanical replacements for earlier model GE Fanuc "S" and "P" Series motors. Mounting dimensions, size, and power cables are the same. The Alpha Series Spindle Motors are available with three types of sensors that provide 128/256, 512/1024 or 360,000 PPR. Alpha Spindle Motors offer small size, low weight with foot or flange mounting

The Alpha C family of spindle motors provides a very economical solution where variable speed control is required. These motors incorporate sensorless velocity control, which eliminates the encoder, yet provides ?1 percent speed regulation.

A full range of spindles are also available to be built into a machine tool. These built in spindles provide high speed to 15,000 RPM with power ratings from 1 to 22 kW. The built in spindles are available with the built in sensor or high resolution magnetic pulse coder.

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