Fanuc System 6MB Series

Fanuc 6M-B CNC Control Specifications.

The all new FANUC SYSTEM 6M-MODEL B features the same outstandingly high reliability of the earlier FANUC 6M, plus a complete array of new and advanced functions such as user macro (patent pending), etc. available for the first time. In particular, the self-diagnosis function has been sharply enhanced (patent pending). Operability too has been vastly improved. With greater performance capabilities than its forerunners, the FANUC SYSTEM 6M-MODEL B is designed to meet a broad range of user needs.

Outstanding cost-performance, high reliability

Thanks to the use of today's newest high-speed microprocessors and numerous custom LSIs in the control circuitry, CNC features have been enhanced as never before. At the same time, the total number of required circuit elements has been drastically reduced, thereby vastly improving reliability. In memory devices, state-of-the-art bubble memories (patent pending) have been adopted. Part program storage capacity ranges up to 320m. Batteries are not needed.

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Enhanced operability
As standard equipment, the FANUC SYSTEM 6M-MODEL B comes with a CRT character display capable of simultaneous display of various types of data. Display contents have also been expanded (patent pending), and a unique high-reliability keyboard-type manual data input permits easy data setting for enhanced operability.

Simple incorporation into machine tool
In addition to a free-standing cabinet type, built-in and unbundled types are available which permit compact incorporation into a machine tool for creation of an easily operatable system integrating mechanical and electrical systems. The FANUC PC programmable controller function has also been enhanced: it can be directly incorporated into the NC for simpler execution of random-selection ATC (patent) and other complicated power sequence controls.

Excellent Servo and spindle motor system
The FANUC SYSTEM 6M-MODEL B incorporates the FANUC DC servo motor yellow cap M series with A20B-0009-0320 Control boards, the world's most widely used servo motor, resulting in high speed, powerful and stable machining. Also, the compact, fully-enclosed type FANUC spindle motor serves for electric spindle orientation control (patent Pending).

USER MACRO (option)
With user macro (body) the user can program, store, recall and execute his own automatic cycles, family programs etc. In other words, the user or machine tool builder creates his own software, thereby permitting unique software designed to match the needs of the given NC machine tool, for enhanced functional expandability and individually tailored work capability.

  • variables can be used
  • inter-variable calculations (add/subt/mult/div, trigonometry, binary/decimal transformations, etc.) are possible
  • branching is possible
  • remote reading and output of actual variable values is possible


  • stores part programs and subprograms in the memory. Capacity: 66ft (20m) of tape information as standard and 132/264/1056ft (40/80/320m) as option
  • allows tapeless operation by part program or user macro stored in the memory and by calling the stored sub program as required.
  • searches, deletes and corrects stored words and blocks and inserts new words.
  • searches and deletes part programs stored in the memory.
  • operates the machine by the corrected part program.
  • records edited part program permanently on paper tape by connecting FACIT 4070 or I/O device with ASR43/33 or RS232C interface. (option)
This simplifies and speeds up program debugging and correction. The trouble of setting or changing the NC tape is eliminated. The part program stored in the memory can be quickly modified to machine under the most suitablecutting condition. Furthermore, a large program memory capacity is available. It can store machining programs for daysor months just like DNC. As bubble memory is employed, memory is retainedwithout battery backup.

Cutter compensation using crosspoint calculation method is available for all lines and circles. Since the cutter compensation is possible even for inner corners, calculation during programming is much simplified. Up to 99 operations can be accommodated.

Decimal point can be used in the dimension word and is displayed with it. Therefore, the dimensions, the positions and the feed rates can be verified at a glance.

In any plane (XY, ZX and YZ planes), circular interpolation in multi-quadrants can be performed by the command of one block.

Circular interpolation is directly specified by the end point of an arc and the radius. Thus, no auxiliary calculations for center coordinates are necessary. (The conventional method using parameters, I, J and K is also possible)

Available are 12 different kinds of canned cycles for drilling, tapping and boring. Unique to the FANUC SYSTEM 6M are High-Speed Peck Drilling Cycle, Fine Boring Cycle (including spindle orientation) and Back Boring Cycle.

Any one of the following is possible.
1. Inch dimension input to a machine tool with inch ball screw.
2. Inch dimension input to a machine tool with a metric ball screw.
3. Metric dimension input to a machine tool with inch ball screw.
4. Metric dimension input to a machine tool with a metric ball screw.
As Inch/metric conversion is designated by G code, the erroneous operation caused by operator's mistake can be eliminated.

After reading the first EOB code, either EIA or ISO code is automatically selected.

G90 for absolute dimensions and G91 for incremental dimensions can be programmed within a block.

Feed rate is programmed directly in inch/min. or mm/min. Override can be effected in the range of 0 to 200% in 10% increment.


  • The 9" CRT Character display can simultaneously display various types of data, complete with explanatory sentences, thereby greatly enhancing operability and facilitating operating status confirmation. The following types of data setting and display are possible, resulting in superb operability:
  • input and display of NC command data
  • setting and display of tool offset values for each axis, with a concurrent display of current position.
  • display of various alarm signals.
  • display of self-diagnostic results.
  • setting and display of various functions and parameters such as minimum increment values, rapid traverse speeds, acceleration/deceleration time constants for rapid traverse for X, Y and Z axes and backlash compensation values.
  • display of current position (triple size numerics are displayed) and sequence number
  • display of programs stored in the memory during cycle operation.
  • display of remaining movement amount during cycle operation.
  • display of programmed feed rate, spindle speed and actual feed rate including override.
  • display of various data related to spindle speed and tool functions during cycle operation.
  • in addition to the operating block, block programs are displayed for several earlier and subsequent blocks during memory operation.
  • remote signals can be used for displaying arbitrary (prepared by machine tool builder) alarm messages or message to the operator. (option)

With this function, it is possible to restart machining by setting the desired sequence number of the program being used. The NC stores in memory the modal status from the program start to the given sequence number. To attain a desired M,S,T-Code, first output the code on the MDI, then push the start button: the tool will automatically move to the start position and machining will restart.

With this function, remote instructions (eg from the machine) can indicate a selection from the NC memory of the machine program required, and thereby execute that program.

By aligning each tool against the fixed point on the machine and pushing the input button, tool length compensation values for each tool can be set

A machine slide can be moved to its reference point by tape command. When the machine slide reaches to the reference point, it stops automatically and the indicator lights up. It is also possible to set the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reference point.

One of 100%, 50%, 25% and predetermined slow speed is selectable as a rapid traverse override, Therefore, tape verification has become easier

Movement amount per stop by manual feed, 0.0001, 0.001, 0.1, 1 and 10 inches (0.001, 0.001, 0.1, 1, 10 and 100mm) are available

F1 DIGIT FEED (option)
Setting F1-F9 are possbile (FO: repaid traverse) Feed speed changed are possbile via manual pulse generator

By the addition of a number (1~9) after the slash code (/). It is possible to increase the variety of optional block skip to 9.

Automation operation time of the machine can be integrated and displayed to the second. Reset is also possible. The result is easier progress management of work, tool management, and maintenance.

Compact and easy to use bubble cassettes can be used to transfer and storage of NC command data. LSI cassette is also possible.

Four types of the cabinet are available, namely the free standing type, three built in types including unbundled type.
For incorporation into the machine tool, the built in type of cabinets are separated into the control unit, velocity control unit, operators's panel etc. Therefore, the built in type of cabinets allow you to configre a compact and highly flexible system.
Since all the cabinets are totally enclosed constructions using unique heat exchangers, they have long lasting high reliability even in the bad environment of a machine shop.

By the 3-axis control of a circular interpolation in X-Y plane and a linear interpolation in Z axis, Thread cutting of large diameter and solid cam can be easily machined

As spindle orientation is performed electrically without mechanical structure, the reliability is even more increased and orientation time substantially reduced. The option is only available when FANUC spindle motor is adopted.

Forbidden area can be established by parameters or program. Inside our Outside of boundary for the forbidden area is selected by parameters. It can prevent tool from colliding with work piece or jog caused by programming mistake or erroneous operation.

This unique FANUC feature increases machining accuracy and extends the useful life of the machine tool by allowing digital compensation for mecahnical wear of the ball screw. Costly installation and adjustment of mechanical dogs become unnecessary.

By applying the position coder to the spindle thread a cutting and synchronous feed operations can be carried out

Exponential type acceleration/deceleration can be carried out during cutting feed and JOG feed. Use in combination with large scale servo motors.

Upon remote signaling, the remaining area of linear interpolation can be skipped and processing will proceed immediately on to the succeeding block. Use for measurement of length, etc.

FANUC PC (programmable controller)
Thanks to unique functional instructions, the NC-incorporable FANUC PC can carry out even complicated power sequence control functions with ease.

For position feedback devices, not only pulse encoder and optical linear scale but also resolver and inductosyn can be used.

Overall reliability has been even increased and performance/cost ratio substantially improved with many excellent pioneering techniques, such as the adoption of the "bubble memory", the latest memory element in addition to high-speed microprocessor, many custom LSI's etc. Moreover, since cabinets are totally enclosed constructions using unique heat exchanger, they have long lasting high reliability. And even if a drift in the servo loop occurs, it is automatically compensated to maintain accurate positioning in long run. Futhermore very careful selection of components and very extensive performance test before shipment ensure a long lasting trouble free operation.

Maintenance of the FANUC SYSTEM 6M MODEL B is extremely easy.

  • Thanks to self-diagnostic capability, internal operating conditions can be continuously monitored, data can be checked etc, In the event of malfunction, operation ceases immediately and the source of the malfunction is detected and displayed as much as possible.
  • All On/Off signals going out of and into the logics can be shown on the display even during cycle operation.
  • All signals going out of and into the NC can be checked at the connectors.
  • Any On/Off signal going out of the NC can be issued manually through the manual data input in bit by bit manner.
  • Various preset parameters such as acceleration/deceleration time constants and rapid traverse speed can be shown on the display.
  • NC operating status is continuously displayed based on 9 kinds of classification.
  • Signals from pulse coder and position coder appear on display.

The Fanuc system 6M can be used to control the Fanuc Robot Model 0 which is incorporated into the machine tool. The Fanuc Robot Model 0 allows unmanned machining processes as it automates the loading and unloading of workpieces. The specification of the Fanuc Robot Model 0 are as follows:
Weight of workpiece:
Max. 10 Kg (in the case of double hand, max. 5Kg for each gripper.)
Motion Range:
X/Z axes; 150 mm (servo control)
A/C axes; 90/120 degrees (servo control)
B axis 180 degrees (servo control)
Alpha Axis 0, 90/0, 180 or -90, 0, 90, 180 degrees.

Controlled Axes: 3 Axes (X, Y and Z)
Simultaneously Controllable Axes: 2 Axes (XY, ZX, YZ)
Tape Code: EIA RS-244-A
Feed Rate Designation: Direct programming in inches/min or mm/min (manual override 0-200%)
Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration: Linear for rapid traverse, exponential for feed.
Positioning, Linear Interpolation
Combined use of Absolute/Incremental Programming in the same block of tape.
Programming of Absolute Zero Point.
Buffer Storage.
Miscellaneous Function: M2
Keyboard-type Manual Data Input (MDI), and CRT Character Display.
Part Program Storage and Editing: Capacity; Any one of the 66*/132/264/1056 (20*/40/80/320m) of tape information.
Self Diagnosis.
Backlash Compensation: Max 255 Pulses.
Single Black Operation.
Optional Block Skip.
Manual Absolute ON/OFF.
External Mirror Image.
Incremental Feed: Movement ammpunt per 1 step; 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1 and 10 inch, or 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10 and 100 mm.
Z-axis Command Cancel.
Auxiliary Function Lock.
Emergency Stop.
Sequence Number Display: 4 digits, Independent display other than data.
Sequence Number Search.
Program Number Search.
Exact Stop.
Remote Power ON/OFF.
Manual Slide Movement Button (Jog, Step, Feed).
Feed Hold.
Constant Tangential Feed Rate Control.
Servo Motors: FANUC DC Servo Motor and GETTYS FANUC DC Servo Motor.
Servo Amplifiers: 3-Phase full-wave SCR drive, etc
Feedback: Pulse Encoder/Resolver/Inductosyn Scale.
Power Supply: AC 200/220/230/380/415/440/460/480/550 +10%, -15%, 3 phase, 50/60Hz.
Tape Reader: Without Reels 300 ch/sec (60Hz) 250 ch/sec (50 Hz), Photoelectric (LED's).
Tape Reader: With Reels 300 ch/sec (60Hz) 250 ch/sec (50 Hz), Photoelectric (LED's), Reel Capacity; 495 ft (150ml).

Additional Axes Control
Simultaneous Axes Control
Additional Axes Simultaneous Control
Multi-quadrant Circular Interpolation
Circular Interpolation by Radius Designation
Helical Interpolation
Skip Function
Canned Cycles A: Drilling, Tapping and Boring (G80, 81, 82, 84, 84, 86, 89)
Canned Cycles B: Drilling, Tapping and Boring (G73, 74, 76, 80 ~ 89)
Cutter Compensation B: (G40 ~ 42)
Cutter Compensation c: (G40 ~ 42)
Tool Length Compensation: (G43,44,89)
Tool Offset: (G45 ~ 48)
Additional Offset Memory: Up to 64 sets in total
Additional Offset Memory B: Up to 99 sets in total (this option is possible only when part program storage capacity is 132/264/1056 inch)
Tool Length Measurement
Addition of Registerable Programs: Total 191 (The option is possible only when part program storage capacity is 264/1056 ft)
Reference Point Return A: Manual, Automatic (G27, 28, 29)
Reference Point Return B: Manual, Automatic (G27, 28, 29, 30) Return to the 2nd reference point is also possible
3rd and 4th Reference Point Return
Threading and Synchronous Feed
Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration for Feed
External Deceleration
Manual Pulse Generator: Multiplication (x1, x10, x100) is possible
F1 Digit Feed
Spindle Function: S2/S4
Tool Function T2/T4
2nd Auxiliary Function
Remote Type Position Display
Tape Punch Interface: RS232C, FACIT4070 or ASR43/33
Inch/Metric Conversion: Switchable by G codes
Stores Stroke Limit
Stores Pitch Error Compensation
Rapid Traverse Override: Fo, 25%, 50%, 100%
Program Restart
ISO Code Input: ISO 840 (Automatic Recognition of EIA/ISO)
Additional Optional Block Skip
External Work Number Search
External Data Input: Alarm message and operator message can be displayed
User Macro (Memory capacity for variables; 1m of tape information)
Programmable Controller: FANUC PC-MODEL A, FANUC PC-MODEL B
Electric Spindle Orientation Control
Robot Interface
Run Hour Display
Bubble Cassette and Adaptor
LSI Cassette and Adaptor

Download the Fanuc System 6M Model B Series Datasheet
fanuc system 6m 

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